Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I very much enjoyed the story about Editha. The fact that she always wanted more, even when she had everything she could ever want. The story itself is interesting because you have this man that is doing something that he was raised against for a woman. Someone should have told him that doing something like that never ends well. So he goes and of course ends up dying pretty quickly. It makes you want to say, “I told you so” to Editha. I don’t think that she would have ever been happy with him, no matter what. It was as if she was trying to find things about him and make him do things to fit into the picture she had in her head. She was changing him to fit her mold.
Editha is a young, selfish brat in my eyes. She had it all. He was a lawyer that wanted to take care of her. She would have been provided for and taken care of (in the sense). Yet she sacrificed her “love” to have a hero. I believe that Editha got what was coming to her when George’s mother yelled at her. It is her fault that he left for war. He never had any intentions on going and yet he did, for her. The character angers me most at the end of the book. All she needed was a stranger to take her side, and tell her how “vulgar” George’s mother had been to make her happy again. She has no depth, just the face you see.
I did enjoy the story though. There is a vindictive approach to the narration that gives the reader satisfaction for the anger and frustration felt towards Editha. She only takes into consideration her own wants and needs when pushing other people around. The loss of a young man that is good and sweet in contrast to Editha being selfish and petty keeps this story interesting and emotional.

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