Monday, February 22, 2010

Robert Frost

Robert Frost:
I really liked the poem “Home Burial”. The poem was more like a story that I could somewhat relate to. His poetry seems to be a bit more modern (which is natural considering we are moving forward in time). I can relate more to what is being said and actually place myself within this poem. I have two small children and I cannot begin to fathom the grief and lose a mother (or father) would fear if their child had died. I can see from both the man and the woman’s point of view in this poem. She can’t bear to stay in the house and be reminded of the child she lost. He can’t bear for her to leave all the time because he is going through the same thing, and yet he stays. She needs to be alone, where as he wants to be as one and work through it together. That type of reaction is a reaction I would expect in that situation. You will always have two different ways of dealing with the grief of the loss of a loved one.
I also like Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”. This seems like an age-old dilemma to me. Should you take the road that is less taken and has growth around the ages? Or another road that looks like it wants to be walked and worn? There are obstacles on one that has to be fought through to get to where you need to go. It might perilous and rough but it is the one less taken and the glory of having gone that way and finished can be tempting for just that reason. As humans we seek glorification and the spotlight and this road will give us that. But on the other hand you have the safety and comfort of the grassy road that looks like it wants to be walked on. This road will be less perilous and an easier ride. The trip could possibly less time consuming then going through the rough overgrown road. He picks the overgrown road that is less traveled. There is a sadness at the end of the poem because he knows that even though he wants to, he’ll never travel back this way to give the other road a shot. I like how he wants to be fair, instead of looking for glory, or the easy way out.
The last poem of Frost’s that I like is “Fire and Ice”. I actually enjoyed most of his poetry, these three just stuck out for me. I like “Fire and Ice” because it is short and sweet. I like how Frost contrasts between the two, fire and ice, and shows why he likes both. The contrast itself is pretty down because you are dealing with the destruction of Earth. He likes fire for the passion that comes along with it, but also like ice because he know that with passion comes hate. These are pretty strong emotions. This poem is pretty short but conveys so much feeling that I had to read it 2 or 3 times to really get a good grasp on it.

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