Monday, January 25, 2010

Sarah Orne Jewitt

The first thing that caught my attention about the story, “A White Heron”, was the setting. The biography on Jewett made me more perceptive to the setting from the beginning. The way she used to imagery to convey her feelings about the country was very calming. Words like “glimmered” and “great bows” give a positive connotation from the very start. It set the mood for the story to be very country and wooded.
The main character of the story, Sylvia, was a very bright young girl. She has a connection to the forest and the animals that make her relatable to a lot of people. You develop a comfort level with her because she is just so down-home and relaxed. The way she treats the stranger that comes along makes me want to smile and pat her head. She seems to be just a young lovesick girl as she follows him around and chases birds.
She shows, though, maturity beyond her age when she doesn’t give away the location of the white heron. She values the time she spent with the bird more then she values making the stranger happy. She has a certain loyalty to the bird in regards to the bond they acquired. I like the character that is revealed within Sylvia. She holds true to herself even when she doesn’t want and received the moment in an attempt to accomplish something else. She realized this moment was different and changed her perspective on things.
This is alike the last novel because of what the main characters are sacrificing to keep in their lives. On one hand we love being sacrificed for keeping a way of life. On the other we have companionship being compromised for loyalty and a connection. The two characters share a similarity and yet are so different


  1. Sylvia showed true integrity in her decision. A brave girl to climb those trees like that. I enjoyed this story.

  2. I really like how you brought up the fact that you was so happy about the little girls reaction. The reason why that stuck out to me the most is because I have a daughter. I would love for her to react the same way when a boy approaches her. The instinct to automatically hesitate at the mere presence of a male. This was just so funny that you saw fit to bring that aspect out in the story.

    I also like how you seem to relate to the girl as far as her maturity level. Even though she is a little girl we can see that she is very mature for her age. She is able to decipher what is right or wrong and stick with the right decision. I have to be honest there are many people today for wealth with go against their moral beliefs. Again I believe we are able to see the innocents of a child through her action her also.

  3. I think that she was very mature as well. She saw what the right thing to do was, and she did it. Most little girls would try to impress the guy, especially since I suspect she had a little crush on him.