Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yellow Wallpaper

I absolutely love The Yellow Wallpaper. I had to look at this story briefly last semester and I enjoyed it then. It is nice to have the chance to really take the time and read the entire story all the way through.
It really struck me, at the end. I didn’t see her being crazy until more towards the end where it creeps out and you’re like, whoa! The relationship between the wife and the narrator is interesting to me. He treats her as if she is a child. The male is dominating the female and telling her what to do. It is sad in a way, the way he treats her. He refuses to see what is in front of his face when dealing with the narrator. He thinks that if he ignores it, it won’t be so. The shock value at the end when she finally cracks and he faints is in a way satisfying. He finally gets it and he finally sees what really is going on.
I like how at the end the narrator goes from seeing the woman in the yellow wallpaper to being that woman in the wallpaper. This transition for the main character is the point where she finally takes that step from sanity to insanity.
The start of her seeing the woman in the daytime and then women outside creeping around is unsettling. The outside women seem to reflect her fear and paranoia starting to show itself at the surface.
Overall this story is really neat. We go from her hating the wallpaper, to her seeing things move in the wall, then her seeing that woman shaking the wallpaper, and then finally ending with her becoming that woman is a very ingenious way to create this story. I am glad that I was given the chance to look at this story once again

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