Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tennessee's Partner

Tennessee’s Partner-
The emotion behind this story was very touching. I really enjoyed the relationship between Tennessee and his partner. You had one that constantly got into trouble. There was never a dull moment, never a fight that couldn’t be fought. On the other hand you have this loyal and caring person who spent almost all of his life taking care of this drunk. The ending was what won me over when reading this novel and made me understand the true point to the story.
The emphasis on Tennessee’s partner makes the reader think that this is the main character of the story and we should be focused on him and what he does. It isn’t until he gets into a whole lot of trouble that you see the focus shift onto Tennessee himself. The partner steals his wife, runs around, gets into fights, and always needs to be rescued from a drunken state. Through all of this madness though, Tennessee sticks be his side and welcomes his with a warm hand shake each time he fumbles back into town. The difference between the two is startling and makes the reader wonder why Tennessee puts up with all of his trouble. I think it hit me when he threw the money on the floor of the room when the partner was about to receive his sentence. This man is a true friend. He is there for his best friend and believes that he is worth taking care of.
Near the end of the story the reader has now come full circle with the friendship. You witness one side of the spectrum and then get to witness the other side of the spectrum. Even at death we see how loyal and true Tennessee is to his friend. If we all could only be that willing to devote ourselves to friendship that way we might all have different lives.

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