Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge

I don’t really have that strong of a connection for this story. It was interesting and captivating, yet it didn’t keep my attention as the others did. I like the twist at the end with Farquhar actually being dead and his senses having actually taken him on that journey.
There are a lot of details in the beginning of the book. The guard’s positions are described in detail and everything about the situation is described so the reader gets a sense that they are actually there. It is easy to picture where everything is and how the scenery looks. I felt as if I was sitting hovering a few feet above and in front of the scene.
It was neat how in the middle of the story we cut back and discover how he ended p in that situation. After we cut back from that we start to have hope that he will escape and be free of death. The author takes the time to really make it seem like reality, instead of death coming. The escape he commits and the swim in the water is actually his way of succumbing to death. It is quite ironic that his entrance into death is his escape.
I feel odd towards Farquhar. I want to side with him and see him break free to escape; yet there is a dissonance that I feel towards him. The author makes you feel sorry for him and his family, yet he is of the South and hence has slaves and believes in Slavery. We have been brought up to believe that this is wrong so technically his death should be the right thing to do. Yet the humanity in us never wants another person to have to go through what he is going through. It was interesting to have to deal with that conflict.

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