Monday, March 15, 2010


I really had a very hard time understanding this story. I get that he is referring to his wife as a gypsy. And there is this guy, Uranus Knockwood, that is supposedly stealing his wife and she has committed suicide. But did she commit suicide, did this other guy take her, or is she really just a phone call away? It is hard to tell with all the different conversations occurring with the different characters.
I’m thinking that gypsy is a way to describe his wife. Maybe she is really alive and a phone call away, he just can’t reach her when he wants hence her being a gypsy. And Powerhouse would rather call her gypsy and blame some other person for stealing her then admit that it is his fault because he is a musician that they can’t be together. The different band members don’t believe him when he is trying to tell him that this guy, Uranus Knockwood, comes when he leaves and then leaves when he comes. It made me think twice because he’s never seen him, he in Powerhouse’s mind altogether.
Maybe the musical genius part has turned him crazy altogether. He seems to be a pretty powerful and well-known musician. He is also pretty dedicated to his work. In the story it said something about playing your hardest even if there is only 1 person in the audience. He loses it at the end when he starts to blame his won band mates for stealing away his wife. He probably lost her because of the music career and will blame anyone but himself for it. He even blames her with thought so suicide.
It was just a really strange story that I just didn’t understand. Maybe I will have to read it again and other blogs to be able to get a good grasp on it.

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  1. You made more sense out of this story than i could! I did not see that his wife left him or that Uranus was in his head. Reading your viewpoint makes the story a little more sane, but emphasis on the word little.