Monday, March 15, 2010


How sad this story was. I so wanted Pepe to find a way out of the mess he created for himself but in the end he just had to let go. His character was very strong and brave but stupid at the same time. He killed a man and then ran to save his family from the ambush of mend coming after him. If he could have just kept his temper under control he would have never had the problem he had.
The story itself was pretty interesting. I liked certain aspects of it but then again there were certain aspects that turned me away. The mother is smart and it must have been hard to turn him away when he came back from killing that man. He wanted to be a man and got his wish. His wish though, got him killed like a man too. He didn’t think about the bad things that come along with responsibility of becoming an adult when he left to get medicine and salt for his mama.
It is scary how one incident can change the entire world for one person and completely change the person they were. When Pepe came back from Ms. Rodriguez house he was a completely different person. The journey he has taken has brought him to a point he wants to be just not on the path he wanted to get there on. His laziness and ignorance makes him dislikable. But I suppose when anyone is being hunted there is sympathy and compassion for him. The author creates these two swirling emotions within the reader for Pepe. Our human nature is to not want any boy hunted down like prey but his attitude needs a serious adjustment at the beginning of the story. It was an okay story for me. Made me wonder a little what the point was.

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  1. I know I wanted Pepe to live a happy life. I was just waiting the whole time for his mom to come around the gorge with a big hug. I really couldn't believe that he was killed at the end of the story by an avalanche.