Monday, May 3, 2010


The play “Fences” is about a poor African American family and all of the trials and tribulations they go through as a family. Each character has their own set of problems that end up being mixed in with another’s set of problems. While I did like most of the characters in the story, I did not like the main character Troy. The lesson and story within this play is something that I cannot just pin down on one thing.
The first character that I like and had a slew of problems was Cory. He spent his entire life trying to get out of his Father’s shadow and he just wanted to play sports. But when Troy took that away from him he became even angrier and thus caused him not to want to go to his father’s funeral at the end of the play. It’s ironic though, because without Troy interfering with Cory’s football ambitions he would have never became a Marine and would have never met the girl of his dreams. In a way, Troy was helping him have a better life.
I also really like Rose. She was so sweet and yet very independent. She tried to step in where necessary when Troy would start in on someone but she never put her marriage in jeopardy. Even though Troy had an affair and cheated on her, he still helped her in the long run. By cheating on her he ended up with a little baby girl. Rose states that she wanted more babies and this is what she got from Troy. And I liked how she kept the baby but told Troy to forget about her. This showed me that she was intelligent and still kept her dignity when dealing with him.
Overall it was an interesting story to see how everyone turned out and what they did with their lives. The matrix of a family can be so complex sometimes and it always makes members cross each other’s lives in different points.

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